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The McConnell Center Podcast offers thought-provoking conversations with authors, scholars, leaders in the U.S. military, and political professionals focusing on leadership, literature, history, education, politics and life.

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Apr 30, 2024

Join the #McConnellCenter as we host Francisco Gonzales to deliver a lecture titled "The American Dream is a Terrible Thing to Waste - Entrepreneurs and Being Fearless in Today's Economy."

Francisco Gonzalez is the founder and CEO of Fearless Journeys.

As host of the Agents of Innovation podcast since 2015, Francisco has had engaging conversations with over 130 entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and artists. He is passionate about connecting people with role models, mentors, and stories of entrepreneurial journeys to learn from.

Mr. Gonzales, author of The American Dream is a Terrible Thing to Waste, speaks as part of the "Tocqueville's America - and Ours" series. 

Long considered a classic consideration of the origins, evolution, and future of democratic self-governance in America, we seek to read, understand, and examine Tocqueville's analysis and its implications for the United States today. Founded in 1991, the non-partisan McConnell Center at the University of Louisville seeks to identify, recruit and nurture Kentucky's next generation of great leaders. Our core principles—leadership, scholarship and service—guide us as we (1) prepare top undergraduate students to become future leaders; (2) offer civic education programs for teachers, students and the public; and (3) conduct strategic leadership development for the U.S. Army.

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This podcast is a production of the McConnell Center at the University of Louisville. Views expressed in this show are those of the participants and not necessarily those of the McConnell Center.